Milk Be Gone Tea-Sample Bag

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Refreshing sage blend tea is a great way to support your system during the transition to weaning from breastfeeding.
***Ingredients: Sage, Peppermint, Orange Peel, and Hibiscus.
***Sample includes approx. 4-6 servings

Left with an oversupply when it’s weaning time? Support the transition by reducing your breastmilk production naturally with herbal weaning tea. Sage is most commonly used to stop milk production, so don’t drink during pregnancy or while you intend to continue breastfeeding.

Should I drink milk be gone while pregnant or breastfeeding? No! Milk Be Gone will stop lactation, so do not drink the tea unless your child has weaned. When you are ready, though, gentle, natural support for can help. Sage tea, for example, has long been a favorite to dry up milk.

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