Peaceful Pregnancy Tea-Sample Bag

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4 servings of the best loose leaf, naturally nourishing herbal tea you can drink during pregnancy.
***Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Rosehips, Rose Petals, Hawthorne Berry, Orange Peel.
***Samples include 4 servings

4 servings of loose leaf tea, great for a gift or to taste test the flavor. This tea for pregnancy is a prenatal supplement in a mug of steaming goodness. Raspberry leaf infusion is often recommended for use throughout pregnancy. We have combined raspberry leaf with herbs to nourish your body deeply, making this the best pregnancy tea around. Peaceful Pregnancy tea with raspberry leaf, nettle, alfalfa, rosehips, rose, hawthorne, and orange. Nourishing herbal tea for pregnancy.

My midwife told me to drink red raspberry leaf tea. Why is Peaceful Pregnancy a good choice? Red Raspberry Leaf is one of the most commonly recommended herbs for pregnancy. It's a great tonic for the uterus. We've combined a red raspberry leaf base with other nutritious ingredients for a delicious pregnancy tea.

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